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What is Lilly's Haven

The PRIMARY Mission of Lilly's Haven is to take care/find homes for cats and kittens that have lost their Guardians - be it because of death or not being able to keep taking care of them due to hardships. Some of these cats/kittens get dumped in the streets, some surrendered to Shelters. Some of them are not fixed and end up having kittens of their own. 

Getting a location for Lilly's Haven is out of the reach at the present time. That is why we decided to create a Project that would allow us to fulfill the primary mission in a slightly different way and still be true to the purpose and goal for which Lilly's Haven was created. Please see below - STREETS TO FURREVER HOMES PROJECT. 

Lilly's Haven is a PROMISE. It is a promise made few years ago to a beautiful and sweet cat named Lilly, when she passed away.

Lilly's Haven is a place for cats that have lost their Guardians and their home due to death of the Guardian or long hospitalization or rehab. It is a place where they can live the rest of their lives with the same care and love they had at home. We sometimes take things for granted and we don't think much of what will happen in the near or distant future. We are too busy in the present. But a responsible Guardian should ask himself or herself some very important questions:


       What will happen to my cat or my cats when I am no longer here or I am bedridden?

       What will happen to my cat or my cats if I have to stay for quite sometime in a hospital or rehabilitation     


       Is there somebody I can trust that will take care of my precious cat/s?

Working with Rescues, I have heard and seen so many sad stories of Guardians passing away and the other members of the family dumping the cat in the streets or taking it to a shelter, resulting in a sure death. In some cases, they have the cat euthanized because they don't want to deal with him or her. So sad and heartbreaking!!!

If you have somebody that can take over the care of your most beloved cat, that is wonderful! But if you don't, Lilly's Haven is here for you.

I am working very hard to make this promise a reality! It is not easy starting from scratch and finding a place that the cats can call home, but it will become Reality. I cannot do it without your help. All donations will go toward getting the place and furnish it. With your help Lilly's Haven will become a Reality! With your help the Promise will become Reality. A Reality that many cats need. A reality that will save these cats from being dumped in the streets, where they will not be able to fend for themselves, because they don't have the skills to do so. It will help cats from being taken to shelters, where 75% of the cats are euthanized because they are old, because they get sick due to stress and anxiety. 

We need you, the cats need you! Lilly's Haven is recognized by the IRS as a Non-Profit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible.

Because of the unconditional love that your cat has given you, it is very important that you make sure to leave written instructions and provisions so that your beloved cat does not have to suffer more when you cannot be there for him or her.

Lilly's Haven needs YOUR help to become reality, please donate and become part of this wonderful promise.

Lilly 1.jpg
Lilly 2.jpg

In Loving Memory of Lilly

Streets to Furrever Homes Project

Lilly's Haven has been working very hard. It has created this project out of the enormous need that we are facing during these times. The primary mission is still the same but will take a lot of time to come to fruition. We decided to help in the times of need. With the help of some wonderful people (Trappers, Fosters and Rescues), Lilly's Haven has been able to change the lives of some tiny sweet kittens. Kittens who are 2 or 3 months old are being trapped as TNR... but they are too tiny and sweet to go back to the streets and face everyday danger. So Lilly's Haven has decided to give them the chance at finding a loving home. A BIG THANK YOU to all involved and the help received. You guys rock and it is true.... IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!!!!

Here are some of the kittens and cats that have been pulled from traps or were abandoned but found a second chance and have been adopted out into loving homes! 

p.s. We were able to rescue some older cats also. Lilly's Haven does not discriminate... 2-eye cat, 1-eye cat, 4 legs, 3 legs... if we can, we help.




















Baby Blue Prince.JPG
Sebastian and Santiago.JPG



SEBASTIAN & SANTIAGO - Bonded Pair Abandoned, Rescued and Adopted together





Mama Lucy.JPG


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