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"The cat has too much spirit to have no heart."

Ernest Menaul

Ciao carissima Mirian Hasani, ti ringrazio dal profondo del cuore per i tuoi preziosi consigli ... per aver fatto passare la paura alla mia Sittina con la musica che mi hai consigliato e tanto altro. Sei veramente una persona speciale e gentile. Ti auguro tutto ciò che di meglio possa desiderare perché lo MERITi. Ti terrò sempre informata . Grazie ancora di ❤️ Buona serata😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

Maria Sittina Giulio, Bosa, Italy

I first met Mirian when she was suggested to me by a friend who thought she could help with one of my cats. During our visits, her insights allowed me to understand why my cat was acting out inappropriately. Now I know that he simply needs more and different boundaries and attention than my other cats.
Because she was so helpful, I got in the habit of consulting her on all kinds of cat things. So, when I was in need of a new cat sitter, I asked and she was happy to do it. 
Since I have my own house cats and frequently foster cats that come from a shelter or hoarding situation, it’s comforting to know that somebody who understands the inner workings of a cats brain is at my home when I can’t be. 
Her recommendations are vital in keeping the peace and giving my cats a safe and comforting place to live. She is a wonderful resource and I am so thrilled to know that she’s willing and able to help.

I absolutely recommend her for behavioral consultation and cat sitting without question.

Kathy Lovin, LA


"I just wanted to update you and thank you. As of right now, Trinity and Hugo are back to their normal selves. :) Trinity is playing normal with Hugo. They are not fighting anymore and Hugo is not being a bully. I am so glad and happy that I got to contact you about them because I was just in a bad state about them. I was looking at the worst case scenarios of getting rid of one of them... and I just could not do that. I am still firm with Hugo. He does not go at Trinity anymore. I am just so happy they are back to normal"

Angelica D. - Hugo and Trinity 

Mansura, LA

Thank you so much for all of your help with our kittens BELLA & GENEVA. When we brought little GENEVA home we didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to integrate the two kittens. We knew they might not be friends right away, but didn’t realize it would take over a month. But you came over and worked with both of them and gave us really good advice on exactly what to do. I’m really glad that we listened to you and took things slow and didn’t rush things. You have to have kitty patients. We kept them separated for several weeks like you suggested and very slowly started letting them interact through the baby gate in the doorway. We really appreciated that you came to visit them a couple of times and really worked with the kittens and my wife and I. You gave us really good information about what to expect with BELLA & GENEVA. We were so happy when they finally were able to be together without any hissing or growling. Now they are playing together and hanging out with each other and getting along really well. We really appreciate all of your expertise and knowledge. You told us that everything would be ok, and we were unsure for awhile because it took so long. But I’m glad that we took your advice, because now they are doing great together and very happy. Thank you so much for all of your help.....
Jeff, Aimee, Bella & Geneva

El Segundo, CA

"Mirian has been an enormous blessing. When we first contacted her, our little Dora was stuck in a hyper-aggressive state. I've raised her since birth, but due to something I didn't understand at the time, my sweet girl was snarling at, growling at, and viciously attacking me. I'm not exaggerating when I say, and it breaks my heart to admit, we were very seriously considering all options, including getting rid of her. We had no idea how to calm her down! I had never seen, or even heard of, anything like what I was going through. Thankfully, we found Mirian. She helped us understand what was going on with Dora and she gave us a plan with steps to take to get her back to normal. Mirian was patient, understanding, and highly knowledgeable. We took things slow and followed Mirian's advice exactly. In just a short time, Dora has gone from attack mode to cuddle fest. She is back to being a lap kitty and we couldn't be happier! I also believe that, with Mirian's advice, Dora is happier now than she ever was before. Mirian not only helped us in this specific situation, she helped us understand an fully grasp how to be better cat parents all around. From us and Dora, we thank you with all our heart!"

A.M. & R.P.

Los Angeles, CA

MEET RAH!!! A beautiful and precious Senior 24 years young and blind. I am blessed that her mommy (Whitney Smith) asked me for advice on how to take better care of her. She is doing so well... she even put on some weight and that is super super wonderful at that age.... RAH is a proof that a cat 24 year old is still a wonderful and loving companion despite the "issues' due to aging (Remember WE are all aging!!!) Shame on those people that dump their cats in shelter because they are old! 


Fayetteville, AK

Mirian has been a tremendous help with the introduction of my rescue cat Zoey to my shy cat Stevie. Zoey arrived still bursting with hormones from a recent litter and then spaying and was acting very aggressively towards my Stevie. Further complicating matters, she also inadvertently mistook my hand for a toy. That made me hesitant around her for a while. Mirian was in almost daily contact with me to walk me through the process as well as coming over each weekend. She even clipped Zoey’s claws. Stevie and Zoey have made great progress under Mirian's guidance. They are still working things out and setting boundaries, but Zoey is much calmer.


Studio City, CA

Mirian has been an incredible resource in helping us resolve some troubling behavioral issues that arose in one of our cats after a cross country move. We have two rescue cats we adopted at 8 weeks old from the same liter, and they had always been the sweetest cats with us and each other during the first 5.5 years of their lives. A couple months after the move, one of the cats developed intense fear-based and redirected aggression behavior with us and his brother. The aggressive behavior and attacks were largely a response to his new environment and noises and activity around our new home that caused him to become highly anxious and fearful of everything around him. The aggression and attacks towards us and his brother got so bad we thought we were surely going to have to rehome him. As a last resort, we reached out to Mirian on recommendation from a shelter we were working with to rehome the troubled cat. Mirian was so kind and patiently helped us understand these new behaviors. She worked with us over a couple months to identify ways we could mitigate and calm the cat's fear, anxiety and aggression. We were also fortunate enough to be able move to a new home in a different area that removed a lot of the stimuli that triggered the cat's aggressive behavior. Mirian helped ensure our move was as healthy and easy for the aggressive cat as possible (as well as his brother). Following Mirian's advice and treatment plan has helped get rid of the aggression in the troubled cat, and enabled us to help him deal with his natural anxious tendencies in a much more sustainable way. Our household is much more at peace as a result! After working with Mirian, we are feeling confident we can continue working with him and not have to rehome him at this point. She continues to be an incredible resource for questions and support when we need it, and she truly helped save our cat's life and keep him in our family! I'd highly recommend working with Mirian if you have issues with your feline companions and aren't sure what to do! She's absolutely wonderful, and you'll learn a lot about your cat and yourself in the process. Thanks for everything, Mirian!

James & Kaitlin

Pasadena, CA

Luna and I have been working with cat behaviorist Mirian Hasani for a few weeks. The progress Luna is making is amazing. She no longer goes after the other cats like a rabid animal. She still hisses at a few of them. She is letting the cats get a little closer each day. Her prey drive towards my parrot is much better and she loves my large dog. She is much less frantic when we enter a room. Thank you so much Mirian. Luna is making remarkable progress with her cat aggression. Not even a hiss from Miss Luna. I owe it all to you.

Cheri E.Y.

Canyon Country, CA

I highly recommend Mirian to anyone having any behavioral problems with their kitties.
I appreciate so much all the time you took to help me with my girl Salvation.
Salvation is a 3 1/2 yr old spayed female who has always been a very anxious and nervous baby. She is a small kitty and even tho I have 3 other babies she has always been special.She got extremely stressed when I had workers in my house and started spraying . I tried everything I knew and finally turned to Mirian Hasani .
After filling out a questionarre Mirian sent back a report and the advice she game me worked wonders
Salvation has stopped spraying and is back to herself again 
Mirian I can not thank you enough for all your help and continuing to check on Salvation
The work you do with the kitties is remarkable and you have a GOD given talent for sure. Ty so much again

Sara G Peacock

Mendenhall, MS

Mirian has been a life saver to our family! My husband and I were on the verge of placing our kitty Peanut at the house of the kings cat sanctuary, ( due to our kitty's violent attacks) but we found Mirian through staff at Cat House on the Kings and are so glad we did! Mirian is absolutely wonderful! She throughly assessed Peanut and helped us implement a behavior plan, and gave us step by step directions to reduce Peanut's anxiety and to prevent future attacks. Although, he has a long way to go we have seen a huge difference in Peanut's behavior. She has a plethora of knowledge about felines and has been so helpful with recommendations on our kitty's diet, medical concerns, and behavior.  She truly cares about her feline clients and family. Mirian has been our light at the end of the tunnel to keep Peanut in our home. 

Kyla & Garrett F.

Glendale, CA

I was desperate for help when I found Mirian's website.   I have a 15-year-old cat suffering from what I thought was PTSD from an abusive relationship I recently left, as well as severe life changes for us.   His howling and fussing was putting me to tears, as well as causing problems with my housing situation and my job. I explained everything to her.  She's very thorough with her questionnaires, wanting to get as much detailed information as possible to help the best way she can for the cat and the owner.   Her dedication, love, and concern for Jack, as well as myself, were absolutely remarkable.  

She suggested the cat could be hyperthyroid, but I had recently had him to a veterinarian who didn't seem to do anything about it, so I didn't think further of it.   She suggested several behavioral modifications that helped some, but didn't solve the problem.  I tried a different vet and we got hyperthyroid diagnosed. Mirian stuck with me through this whole process, constantly encouraging, offering suggestions,  trying to think of things for his comfort and wellbeing.  The homeopathic drops she suggested were very helpful.  Her continued email contact was of great comfort and help for my sanity. 

She's fantastic, she has such a deep love for cats,  and really knows her stuff.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help with cat behaviors.  I would be proud to call her a friend, as well as my cat care professional.    Thank you, Mirian, for everything you've done to help us.  I love you dearly. 

Chris, AR

Mirian is a miracle worker. Just when you thought things could never get better, along comes Mirian with expert advice, professionalism and a big dose of love and care.

My situation appeared to be hopeless. I have two beautiful male cats that were bonded at the hip since birth. Lenny and Lewis spent their days running, playing and cuddling together. One unfortunate accident put Lewis in the hospital and away from his brother for over 2 weeks. Upon reuniting them, Lenny became extremely aggressive - attacking Lewis and not letting him out of his corner. He acted as if he had never seen his brother before and became very territorial, causing me to keep them apart at all times.

Mirian identified the problem right away and came up with an extensive program to nurture them back to normal. In matter of weeks, my boys were behaving like old times, spending their lazy days intertwined with one another.

I will forever be grateful to Mirian, for helping me through this difficult time and would highly recommend her expertise should you ever find yourself in a situation that seems incurable.

Stephanie Longmire

Sherman Oaks, CA

I just wanted to THANK YOU for all your suggestions and tips in helping me with Vinny and Bella. I am putting into practice and staying consistent each day and it is definitely getting better.

I am seeing positive changes in both of my babies and they are more calm and peaceful.

I would highly recommend you to anyone having troubles with their cats.

I cannot thank you enough. God Bless you!!! xxoo

Jackie Lowman

Santa Clarita, CA


I am so very grateful to Mirian for all her caring attention to helping me with my two feuding cats.  


I had adopted two adult cats who had both been traumatized. For the first few days in my home, they clung to each other, sleeping side by side...but once they began to feel at home, huge cat fights erupted with cat hair flying everywhere.  It was extremely distressing.  From our Animal Rescue home here, ARF, I got Mirian's card.  She answered my email immediately.  She sent me  an intensive Questionare for me to fill out in order to give her a history of the cats, and describe their behavior.  She also sent information on Feline Aggression. Then with such care and thoroughness, she wrote out step by step things I should do to work with the cats to change their behavior.  


Over several months, Mirian kept in constant touch, asking me of their progress or problems.  It was with such loving care that she encouraged me to be patient, as it takes time to change the behavior in cats.  She wasn't going to let me give up.  I am SO happy to say that we haven't had a fight in weeks.  The cat that was terrorized and always hiding from the other one, is now sitting in my lap or sleeping on the back of the couch along side of the other cat.  I am one very happy cat parent!  Thank you Mirian!

Michele Marsh

Idyllwild, CA


Seminar at the Cat Cafe in San Diego - 05.13.17

Dear Mirian, I want to thank you for the wonderful Seminar. I especially enjoyed the topic - "HOW TO LET A CAT ADOPT YOU & HOW TO CHOOSE A SECOND CAT". The information you shared made so much sense and yet I think few people ever take those issues into consideration. We see a cute kitten, we fall in love, we take it home and then, in the worst case scenario, it can lead to an unhappy household and the kitten being returned. 

Equally illuminating were the topics of "HOW TO INTRODUCE YOUR NEW CAT INTO YOUR HOME" and "HOW TO INTRODUCE YOUR NEW CAT TO OTHER PETS IN THE HOUSEHOLD". Again the information made so much sense but many just lack this information, creating a disaster!!

Thank you for this wonderful event and I look forward to your future seminars. 


San Diego, CA

We would like to acknowledge and give thanks to Mirian for working with one of our foster moms to stop foster kitten Maken's bad habit of randomly biting. Mirian was available when we needed her and in working with Maken per her detailed instructions, the foster mom was able to help him stop the bad behavior. Maken is a good boy now and knows not to bite hard or play rough. And the best news of all is... he was adopted !

Karen Dauphin, Director

Southern California Siamese Rescue

Agoura Hills, CA


First of all, Happy New Year!!!

Secondly... or more importantly - Inkie has evolved into a totally different personality and cat!!!  She is so very affectionate. She loves to sit by me and knead and purr. She jumps up on the couch next to me or on the cushion behind me, right next to Princess!!! Or in my lap. Purring and nosing me. It gives me so much pleasure!! She's nosing me right now and kneading me on my bathrobe. How many months??  8?  But Thank you for this breakthrough, Inkie!!!
Yes there still are a few scuffles but they don't turn into fur flying fights. Usually they are diffused before anything major happens.
Thank you!!!
May all your days be filled with joy!!!
Michèle Marsh

I consider myself very fortunate to have crossed paths with Mirian when an aggression issue arose between my two cats. 

Prior to our meeting Mirian gave me a detailed questionnaire to assist her with her assessment.  When she arrived for her first home visit she was well prepared and extremely compassionate about my stress related to the aggression issue.  My cats warmed up to her immediately.  Cats intuitively know a good soul!  Mirian gave me a thorough explanation of the causes behind the aggression along with a detailed treatment protocol.  Mirian was always available to answer questions and provide guidance along the way.  She is knowledgeable, insightful and very dedicated and passionate about the welfare of cats. Mirian is a cat whisperer extraordinaire!  

Annette Rivezzo, 

Woodland Hills, CA

This weekend a few of my friends and I attended a Cats 101  Seminar put on by Mirian Hasani. We have all had cats for decades and are all involved with animal rescues so, to be honest, we weren't sure we'd learn anything new. We were totally wrong!! Each one of us emerged from the class completely amazed at how interesting and educational it was and YES !!! how much we clearly didn't know about cats. The tips we learned from Mirian will make all of us better cat guardians. Thank you !! 

Kim, Idyllwild, CA

Mirian Hasani is the answer to every cat parent's quandary. For so many, cats are a mystery, and solving that mystery can be a challenge for the average person.  As the director of an animal rescue, I continually receive questions about cat behavior and behavior modification, so I enlisted Mirian's assistance in educating our cat-loving population.  Mirian offered the first in a series entitled Cats 101, the first session addressing issues dealing with the use of the litter box and spraying/marking.  The attendees at this first session received a first-class education in how to modify their cat's behaviors.  Mirian's presentation was thorough, entertaining, and very, very informative We are all looking forward to her second session!

Janice Murasko

Director of Operations

Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends

My cat Bean has been urinating all over my apartment for the 7 years that I have had him. I tried everything I could think of - nothing worked. After contacting Mirian - she identified that stress was the cause of his spraying. With some suggestions and natural drops - his behavior has stopped. The results are impressive. He is more calm and relaxed and take extra naps.

Bean has been spray free for approx 2 weeks now.

Diana L. Shem, Berkeley, CA

My husband and I adopted Teddy and Maude at the same time. Teddy had been returned by another family for aggressive behavior but the shelter staff had never seen any indication of aggression from him. The first day at home, while passing him on the stairs, Teddy jumped on my husband and bit his leg so badly that my husband had to see a doctor. Subsequently, Teddy jumped on several visitors and scratched one's leg badly. He did these things when he was unprovoked and did not seem angry or upset. He was also tussling with Maude quite a lot. By the time we were referred to Mirian, we were very concerned about Teddy's capacity to fit into our household.  Mirian visited, met Teddy and Maude and took a thorough history. She felt that Teddy was not aggressive but rather very enthusiastic and energetic. She recommended that we drain off the excess energy with toys and play sessions. She also recommended ways to handle his overly enthusiastic behavior with distractions, rewards and time outs. I am happy to report that it has worked. In the past 2 months, Teddy has not exhibited any "aggression" towards anyone in the house. We have also been able to see his tussles with Maude as play behavior and often find that it is Maude chasing Teddy rather than the other way around. We are very grateful for MIrian's services and highly recommend her to anyone struggling with feline issues

Susan Berman, Los Angeles, CA

My Siamese rescue Max and his old friend tripod hospice Jasper who is our houseguest, are forever grateful to Mirian for her love and knowledge and intelligent treatment that has made "the boys" life and mine into an absolute delight. Her devotion to these and other animals knows no bounds. She was right there with the most solid information, to diagnose the situation, provide suggestions and show us examples of what to do. She inquires about "the boys" by text, and stops by to visit when she can. 

Mirian makes Cat Behavior understandable and, in turns, makes the lives of cats and their owners infinitely better. 

Before Mirian, I had a restless, screeching Siamese who ignored an expensive vertical scratching post in favor of ruining the rug... 

Post Mirian, I have a Siamese who is a pleasure and a delight. He was first calmed down with a natural stress reducer and immediately took to her suggestion of a horizontal scratching pad. Mirian showed me how to play with Max with his toys, which it turns out was what he really loves to do above all. 

Jasper is a tripod former TV documentary cat of the Cat House on the Kings. Mirian responded immediately to our call for help with Jasper who had litterbox issues while recovering from surgery and she was there to support and give advice when he contracted and recovered from UTI shortly after. She has given us so many advices and suggestions and made our lives so much more enriched. We can't say enough good things or give high enough praise to this lady

Thank you so much from Max, Jasper and me.

Gerry Furth-Sides, Los Angeles.

Local Food Eater Columnist/Editor

I turned to Mirian for help because one of my three rescue cats (Floyd) was behaving aggressively towards one of the others (Poof). He sometimes has a hard time discerning between playing and attacking and the other cat was living in fear. I am happy to report a very marked improvement in both of them! With Mirian's guidance and support, Floyd now has mostly good behavior days and Poof has really begun to come out of her shell. It is still a work in progress but the stress level for all three cats (Phoebe too!) has greatly decreased. Thanks Mirian!

Colleen Montini, Elk Grove, CA

You certainly helped me make the last part of 2015 wonderful and stress free! 

My buddies and I are looking forward to a wonderful stress free new year!

You are wonderful with the cats and your advice is working - Charlie is doing very well - still working on the introduction of Calle - will post update

Marirose Larkins - Fresno, CA

Video by Karen - 09.25.15

I want to thank you for all your help in assimilating Romeo into my home.  It was quite an adjustment for Zachary after losing his best friend Daisy.  I thought Zach would enjoy the company of a new friend, it did not go as I planned! It was not an easy adjustment for Zachary, Romeo was just too much for him.  The program you developed for me to follow made all the difference.  They are now good friends and are living together in peace and harmony.


Karen, Romeo and Zachary, San Diego, CA

After consulting my regular vet, a holistic vet, and a pet communicator, I was at my wit’s end with my cat Scout and his daily spraying and urine marking inside the house. He suffered from separation anxiety and would follow me around constantly, meowing and meowing for more attention/love/food/playtime/etc. When frustrated or anxious, he would mark his territory (andeverything was his territory!) or act aggressive with my other kitty, Sammy Jo. What to do, aside from putting Scout on Prozac or anti-anxiety meds, as my vet recommended? I finally contacted Mirian, who did an in-depth case history, visited Scout in person, and provided generous follow up and encouragement, with all sorts of helpful strategies that I implemented on a systematic basis. Scout is now a less anxious and needy cat and a more content and happy one. Mirian’s services are highly recommended to anyone who is dealing with a troubled feline, is looking for ways to enrich their cat’s life and well being, or is simply seeking greater understanding of these wonderful and often enigmatic creatures

Kimberlie Hamilton, Encino, CA




Way to go Scout !!!

High Paw !!!!


Just received a nice note from Kim, saying "Scout and Sammy Jo are doing GREAT! no more sprinkling in the house and Sammy seems more affectionate and less anxious" - 06.09.16

My cat Gypsy was a terror. She would be practically untouchable and going around and destroying stuff. I was afraid to leave her alone in the house. I did not know what I would find when I come back. I was really desperate because I did not want to give her up.  I knew Mirian and I asked her to work with Gypsy. She is wonderful and she loves cats and has so much compassion. Gypsy, amazingly loved her right away and the two would sit and work together. Not only Mirian worked with Gypsy but she worked with me too. I needed to understand why Gypsy was the way she was. She was bored and wanted attention.

Thank you so much I love my cat and she is no longer as bad as she was; but we are still working on it.

Sarah G., Los Angeles

I’ve always been nervous about leaving my two cats when I travel because one needs daily medicine and the other manages to get into trouble daily. In taking care of them, Mirian managed to do two important things at once — alleviate my worries and make sure they were well taken care of. The night before my trip, she sent me a message assuring me that she would be there the next day as scheduled, and then each day she sent me updates to show me that the cats weren’t just doing well, they were having fun. When my return flight was delayed, Mirian was completely accommodating and helpful. I returned home to find two safe, healthy and happy cats.  Between that, and the peace of mind Mirian gave me on my trip, I’m convinced she is by far the best pet sitter I’ve ever had.

KIM B., Santa Monica

You have done it AGAIN.  I honestly didn’t think my new little girl Joonie would ever enjoy me holding her.  All your suggestions are working out brilliantly and she now “meeps” at me so I will give her a cuddle.  I continue to work on extending the time she allows me to hold her, but she has come a very long way.  AGAIN, thank you so much!  There is peace in my house and all 3 of my cats are happy with me and each other.


Karen, Joonie, Zachary and Romeo

We needed some serious help. Our cat, Sunny, even though fixed, was spraying around the house. We tried cleaning and implementing the things that we could find online, but we were not doing them the right way. Mirian told me exactly what to do and in which order and magic happened.... the spraying has stopped and he is such a  happier and more lovable cat. Highly Recommended!

E.S., Knightsbridge, England

I am an experienced foster mom and trap feral kittens, socialize them, fix them and place them up for adoption. One day I trapped Spiky and his sister Rosie. Rosie socialized perfectly and is waiting for her forever home. Spiky, on the other hand, was giving me a lot of trouble. Totally anti-social, would not let me touch him, get close to him. He would hiss, bite and eat only at night. He was so scared to the point of freezing when at the vet. I contacted Mirian with the hope she could offer some help. I followed her suggestions and was so happy to see an almost immediate change in Spiky. 

Today Spiky is very playful. He gets along well with other kittens. Today, I could pet him for the very first time and he really enjoyed it. Right before feeding time he is the leading voice of the band of the hungry! He is confident around people, just not so used to be touched YET, but we are working on it ;)

Julija Kozlova, Lithuania


You Rock!! My BJ has been doing pretty well with what you advised me to do. Every now & then she still cries like a baby.....She really has been doing well Mirian....I am totally impressed. I appreciate you. And I honestly believe that The Lord lead you to be what you Animal Behavioral Specialist. I did get some gates to put up in my bedroom doorway....that way she won't feel left out & my boys that just wanna stay in the room....don't have to fear her or the others. Win Win...

Vicki Johnson, West Virginia



Approximately 2 weeks ago I employed Mirian with the socialization and introduction of a stray cat into our family. She was an absolute God send! Her expertise on how to integrate this beautiful stray could not have been more remarkable! Everything under her guidance worked like a charm. Definitely seek her out if you need help for any adverse behaviors with your feline companions. :)

Craig RC, IN



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