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A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal....even if it does stand on two legs !

                                                      Sarah Thompson

Improper Elimination & Litterbox Problems

Remedial Litterbox Training

Spraying - Urine Marking


Destructive Behavior


Compulsive Behavior

             chewing plants

             chewing plastic

             chewing non food object - Pica


Cat - Cat Aggression

             sudden attack


             hissing & growling

             territorial aggression


Cat - Human Aggression



             rough playing

             petting induced aggression


Stress & Anxiety

             separation anxiety

             shy & skittish


Fear & Phobias

             fear of objects

             fear of places

             fear of strangers / visitors

             fear of the carrier


Introduce a new cat in multi-cat household

Introduce the cat to a new house


Behavioral problems in older cats


Behavioral problems in younger kittens




              excessive meowing



Night time activity assessment


              teach to come when called

              teach to walk on a leash



              diet for younger kittens

              diet for older cats

Keep cats out of your yard

In-house Consultation - Visits

Long Distance Consultation - Emails & Phone

Bilingual Consultation available - Spanish/Italian













SAMMY - One of many stories I have.... one of many reasons I decided to become a Feline Behaviorist...


I was asked one day, a year ago, to go pick up Sammy and another cat Nagy, from a house in the outskirt of Los Angeles. Their owner and guardian had passed away, and it took the trust administrators 6 months to make necessary arrangements  and finalize the surrender of these two cats. 

Both cats had been living alone during all this time. The neighbors would come and feed them, clean their litter boxes. Sammy, I was told by one of the administrators, was living under his guardian bed, coming out only to eat and go to the litter box, at night, when nobody was around. He was becoming feral and I don't doubt that he was also very scared, confused and grieving.

I had to trap Sammy and Nagy. Nagy was fairly easy. Sammy put up the fight of his life and, because of my own distraction, he bit my hand seven times. It was bad, but I never blamed him ... because that was a very natural reaction of survival. He did not know what was going to happen... though sad, he felt safe in that empty house.

At the Sanctuary, he was always hiding, hissing and growling at every cat and every human who would come close. Everybody considered him a feral and he needed to be netted if they had to administer medications.

But everytime I would visit the Sanctuary, I would spend time talking to Sammy. I never tried to touch him... I just wanted him to calm down and know that I was and I am his friend. Approximately, 5 months ago, Sammy was perched on one of the tall cat trees and I was talking to him. He kept looking at me, and for the first time he showed me a "slow blink". I got closer and was able to touch the tip of his nose.... that was a big step !!!! 

I never gave up on him. Sammy became very dear..... I knew Sammy wanted to be loved but did not know how nor did he trust anybody......


Finally on July 26th, 2015 ... Sammy let me touch him and I was able to pet him... he purrrrrrrrrred and purrrrrrrred and that, to me, was one of the sweetest purr .... and he also let me rub his belly..... He finally trusted me and he again gave me that slow blink that means I love you !


Still Sammy has a bit more to go.... he needs to trust other humans again and hopefully one day have a new home.... I have no doubt he will ...

he is a beautiful and sweet cat !!! 

Sammy turned out to be a sweetheart. Every time I visited him, he would roll over and plop asking for belly rubs!! 

The day I trapped Sammy. You can see the terrified look in his eyes and the furr on top of his head.

Sammy was not a happy cat... 

Sammy smiling 







Sammy enjoying TLC 


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